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Welcome To The Game Commander Pro Wiki

GameCommanderPro Home Page

How to start

  • If you are new to multi boxing, we recommend you read part A:
  • To get running as quickly as possible, start at B2.
  • Once you want to get more out of GCP (and multi boxing), have a look at section B3.
  • Once your comfortable with GCP, have a look at section B4.
  • To use more than one computer - we recommend you set up on two or more characters on one machine first, to become familiar with the program, then see part B5

Part A: - Information On Multi Boxing

Part B: GameCommanderPro Guides

B1: GCP Modes

B2: Key Broadcasting Mode

B3: Useful extras

B4: Full feature mode

These are optional if you are using key broadcasting.


GCP Windows


Stuff we couldn't find a place for

Using the Wiki

Use search to find the information you are looking for. To add a page, search for a new topic.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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